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The 1st Annual Rev Up Your Engines Charity Car Show benefiting the Angelman Syndrome Foundation

  • May25
    Saturday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

The 1st annual Rev Up Your Engines Charity Car Show benefiting the Angelman Syndrome Foundation, that will be held in downtown Ben Wheeler at the Pichin Porch on May 25th, 2019. This event will not only benefit the Angelman Syndrome Foundation but will also provide the community with an opportunity to come together, view and admire classic cars, listen to music, visit vendors, take a part in the silent auction and raffles, and be a part of something bigger than one’s self. This event is a way for us to spread awareness of a rare genetic disorder in an atmosphere that is fun for the whole family. Angelman syndrome or AS is a rare neuro-genetic disorder and occurs in one in 20,000 live births. Angelman syndrome is often misdiagnosed as cerebral palsy or autism due to lack of awareness. Characteristics or symptoms of Angelman syndrome include developmental delay, lack of speech, seizures, and walking and balance disorders just to name a few. Individuals with Angelman syndrome will require life-long care. Because of its genetic relationship to autism and other disorders, many researchers believe that curing Angelman syndrome will lead to cures for similar disorders. Angelman syndrome research is on the cusp of potential treatments to reverse the debilitating symptoms of Angelman syndrome. The mission of the Angelman Syndrome Foundation is to advance the awareness and treatment of Angelman syndrome through education and information, research, and support for individuals with Angelman syndrome, their families and other concerned parties. They exist to give all of those affected by this rare disorder a reason to smile, with the ultimate goal of finding a cure. To learn more visit I know all too well the effects of AS, my now 8-year-old daughter was diagnosed on her second birthday.

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