Fine Arts at Big Texas Fest!

The art at weekend’s Big Texas Fest is going to be EPIC!

Kerian Massey is the coordinator for Big Texas Fest’s fine arts section. She shared with us some of the highlights of the largest live art festival in Texas!

Joe Pirog, master potter, will be creating and teaching about live pottery. He will have a clay throwing station, two tables for clay sculpting and drying. He will be teaching kids how to turn a piece of clay into a bowl,vase or plate on a pottery wheel.

Sylvia Morse of Piddlin’ Pottery, will be teaching the technique of hammered copper and enameling. She is a fine artist and creates unique jewelry and truly funky pottery.

Michael Morse will be taking antique styled photos and teaching about pin-hole photography. He will be set up and ready to take photos of participants at the show for a nominal fee.

Charles Arnold will create a breathtaking wire sculpture during the show. He is known for his figurative work and will be surprising us as he weaves a new wire creation.

Susan Sellars of Bless Your Art in Tyler will be creating a large live painting all weekend long and talking to passer-bys about her painting and art.

Helen Voss is a longtime Lindale resident, gifted painter and will be creating a masterpiece, live painting all weekend long.

Diane Johnson, a fine metal and stone jeweler, is teaching how to make copper wire creations with an emphasis on learning metal-smithing. She will have all the tools necessary to create your own jewelry piece.

GeorgeAnne Shafer will be producing one of her western inspired pieces for the crowds to gush over. She will chat with onlookers about her process in creating art. She is also an art teacher and photographer.

Diana Pemberton will be at the helm of her loom, creating and teaching us about weaving and crafting fiber art with the weaving technique. She will have many treasures available to check out and buy.

For directions to Big Texas Fest at the Cannery Lindale, including tickets and more info, tap here.

Professional chalk artists Anat Ronen, Hung N Pham, Carrie Taylor Dziabczenko and Claudia Cepeda-Ponce will be leading the Big Texas Fest large chalk artist brigade in a flurry of art and chalk on the pavilion floor. In the center will be the four featured artists with several three-dimensional pieces going on including a stand up three-dimensional panel. Two “Featured Artist” pieces will be finished Saturday and two will be finished by Sunday evening.

The outdoor art will include a large Rock painting booth, hosted by the Lindale Rocks Facebook members. They will be painting rocks, learning rock-hiding etiquette and having a blast! There will also be a Chalk art area for the little ones to create their own masterpieces as well.

On the way to the food trucks Big Texas Fest will feature a super talented crew of art vendors selling a myriad of creative concoctions. Racks of repurposed clothing and accessories will be tempting you, fine pastel art that will rock your world, and incredible wood turned items that you will not be able to look away from. (Three booths of fine wood products!)

The copper sculptures and the kiln fired horsehair pottery will delight your esthetics and lighten your purse, because they will hold your goodies till the end of the day! Let’s not forget the wide variety of paintings that will each hold a certain eye. Many artists outside will also be creating art within their booth as well! I am so very excited at the talent we will be blessed to have inside and out! This art show will be the biggest live art event in Texas!



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