This week for Wet Nose Wednesday we have this cute little boy. Hershey is a lab mix with a gentle mouth and friendly personality. It seems like he has had some previous training and he is ready to come home and show you how smart he really is.

Intake 1/16/2019
M/Lab Mix
Found on CR 1131
No chip detected

Individuals needing additional information or who would like to potentially adopt one of the Smith County Dogs, please contact the shelter at 903-266-4303. Rescues please send tags to [email protected] along with a copy of your 501c3, the date and time of transport, name of the individual that will be picking the dog(s) up and a contact number for the transport. All updates pertaining the dogs can be found in the comments under the dog’s picture. Dogs that have been adopted will remain in the “Available Album” for 3 days post-adoption. Thank you for your interest in our Smith County Dogs!!

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