Melissa Etheridge is giving fans their first look at her upcoming two-part docuseries Melissa Etheridge: I’m Not Broken.

The series follows five female prisoners in the Topeka Correctional Facility in Kansas, Melissa’s home state. In the new trailer for the show, some of those women open up about their struggles with addiction. Melissa also talks about how addiction touched her own life; her son Beckett died of an overdose in 2020.

All of the woman featured in the series have written letters to Melissa, and the clip shows the rock star talking about her plans to stage a concert for them, where she’ll sing a new original song inspired by those letters.

“The best I can do is to be a light that can hold these people up and says you matter,” says Melissa in the clip. 

Melissa Etheridge: I’m Not Broken will debut July 9 on Paramount+.


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